Album Review: Domino, 'Where the Desert meets the Sea'  

It is always an exciting day when we get a new album to review.

Domino, a band which started in 2005, and has graced us with their upcoming debut albumn. With a sexy songstress who sounds a lot like the rockstar Suze DeMarchi (Baby Animals) it has some real rock and roll background flaovour.

Domino's first full length album 'Where the Desert Meets the Sea' was 4 years in the making,  and it has been well worth the wait.

Domino show their progressive nature throughout the album, with each song bringing a different element.

The album starts with 'My Opiate'. The song starts with- a Middle Eastern theme and moves into a guitar riff which brings an old school theme to it. The song builds throughout with all elements of the band shown off. The singer delivers her strong vocals with a voice that cuts through with aggression.

Next up we are hit with 'Caravan'. A nice rock track which keeps this album advancing in pace, I can hear a System of a Down sort of feel to this song, Soulfly inspired drum beats - It's only the second song and it's wanting me to know whats up next for these guys...

‘Karsilama’... The song enters with fast paced, quick guitars - and the catchy line "with or without you, I am nothing but shadows and dust." We then pass through into the sultry, bluesy, sexual tunes of a sultry singer, when hearing this part of the song, you get the feeling you are walking into an underground Jazz club, filled with cigar smoke and the smell of scotch. Great progression in this song.

‘Broken’ - A song with a personal emotion attached to it. Have a listen to the pain, and once again the aggression that the lead vocalist can make present in her voice.
A rock ballad, with a chunky riff and vacant silence where the vocals are just out there on their own. Very brave move, it works well with the mood of the song.

‘Here in the Sky’ - back to a more uptempo Middle Eastern movement song with quick guitars, one of the heavier songs so far on the album

‘Sevdah’ - This song has a nice harmonic element - I like the male and female blend of vocals. It's like a duet this song. The backing vocals, that sound like a choir behind the main two leads is fantastic. It creates a sacrificial gospel sound. The guitars break up the song and give it it's edge. One of the standouts for me.

‘The Hunter’ - A constant moving song, up tempo, yet at the same time with some smooth sounds, made by the pace of the vocalist. 

‘Pirate Man’ -  The drums are a standout for me in this one. Also, a different range is heard in the vocalists voice in this piece. Surprised me, actually. From a rock, gritty deeper sound I have heard,  to an airy light voice. Quite the change!

‘Dead Man Waltzing’ - The final song opens with the sounds (to me) of a man in shackles, (In speaking with the band it is actually the sound of digging a grave!!!), lots of distortion on the guitars, a song that builds gradually in sound and instruments. Slower , but grand. The 'waltz' time that the song is written in suits the title and maintains the theme. I felt like I was in a death march, a great closing song, as it is haunting.

Overall an album which shows the band’s progressive nature. Easy on the ear, with powerful and emotive lyrics. An album put together by diverse musicians who are at the top of their game.

The band is launching the album on the 16th of March 2013 at the Valve Bar, St Peters, at 8:00PM. Get out to the show and buy the album and keep supporting Australian Music.